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Buffing Pads

Microfiber cutting pads

Constructed with its premium blend of microfiber to create an aggressive DA pad, the Jescar MF cutting pad is capable of removing P1500 sand scratches, yet still leaves a great finish. The slightly longer fibers help to increase the residue control, making them easier to use with less cleaning and a reduction of the matting in the fibers.  The red European semi-firm interface foam keeps the pad cool, resists tearing and delamination, cuts evenly while conforming to curves and irregular surfaces.  When used with the Jescar Correcting Compound you will achieve superior defect removal with smooth operation and control.  Available in 3.25”, 5.25” and 6.25” to work with any machine or polishing application.    

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Foam Polishing pads

The new Jescar yellow medium polishing pad is the further evolution of medium density polishing pads in the market today.  Engineered characteristics help advance this foam pad above and beyond from the traditional European yellow foams on the market with its 80 PPI medium density small cell size. Combining the perfect balance of firmness and feel, it offers an impressive finishing ability with excellent cutting or correction ability.  Optimized to work perfectly with Jescar Medium Polish its extreme flexibility enables it to be used with Correction Compound on a DA or rotary tool for light compounding or with Micro Finishing Polish on many paint system.  The small cell size reduces splatter or polish sling, keeping the polish on the pad and increasing efficiency.  

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Foam Microfinishing pads

The blue Microfinishing pad was designed to work as a final finishing pad when used with Jescar Microfinishing polish but can also be used to apply Power Lock sealant or Color Lock carnauba wax.  The blue foam was formulated to be extremely soft and smooth, making it perfect for polishing black vehicles and soft paints to a perfect finish.  This pad and polish combination works on the most delicate or dark finishes that show any swirls or haze, making the hardest part of your job easier.  The plush 80 PPI foam, with its silky feel and solid structure, creates a superior feel and performance when in use.  Just soft enough to perfectly polish out the most sensitive paint, it contours to the shape of vehicles easily.  Engineered foam evenly distributes the product over the pad and evenly apply product on the surface as well.

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